Timing is success

We all know the famous adage, timing is everything. However, when it comes to managers shipping goods for the sake of the bottom line (and their jobs) the lackluster effort put into choosing an effective carrier is substandard. The crucial time that’s wasted can quickly add up to ghosting dollars (pun possibly intended).

Let me guess… you’re probably thinking, “I can’t make the trucks on time”. But of course you can and here’s how.

The right transportation management system (TMS) can help with route optimization to ensure loads are being booked and managed optimally. Locating and utilizing carriers who utilize this type of software will provide the best value to your business’s processes. Semi trucks pulled over on the side of the road

Efficiency is the key

Time management is crucial for everyday activities, like taking the family out to a movie and not missing the previews (I know I’m not the only one). The same goes for the transportation component of the supply chain which is incumbent to run efficiently.

Although, we stress how important arriving on time to work is, we haphazardly hire carriers who don’t emphasize or, better yet prove their on-time performance. Why is that?

Well, I’ve thought of a few ways to minimize timing issues below:

  • Hire carriers that are willing to be tracked
  • Ask for performance reports
  • Request the driver’s direct contact info
  • Stress the importance of promptness

If they can’t show their on-time performance and late percentage, that may be a sign that punctuality isn’t as serious as you require.

A boss yelling to get his point across

You’re a small company?

Don’t let carriers dictate your company’s goals, promises and values. You put a lot of time in created a name for yourself. The size of your company doesn’t matter to your customers. The size of your promise is why they chose you.

Make sure you’re assertive with your demands and tell them exactly what you expect, while practicing professionalism, of course.

It’s your reputation on the line so walk a tight one.

At Ameriton Freight we like to ensure communication is at the top of our service. Full truckload shipping is crucial to your business to business relationships. Make it count with the right carrier.

Just to recap:

  • Hire carriers willing to be tracked
  • Ask for performance reports
  • Request the driver’s contact info
  • And the most important one
    • Stress the importance of promptness


    Make sure you invest your time and money into a company that can increase your value the first time around.

    I hope my views on transportation and timing in this industry will give you a bit of insight towards hiring your next carrier. Best wishes on your company’s success. Own the Day!!!

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