Technology, Fad or Trend?

That’s a pretty dumb question, I know.

With the emergence of technology in the 21st century it seems as if our touch screens and monitors are inundated with an abundance of new software, hardware and the newest feature to make our trucking companies better and more efficient.

When is enough tech too much?

There’s an quote by American Author Ray Bradbury which states “too much of anything isn’t good for anyone”.

Which definitely holds true in this world of instant gratification and the emergence of new Silicon Valley tech startups looking to be the next Mark Zuckerburg.

Let’s go through a small list of different technologies that’s been offered to me at the start of my company.

  • GPS tracking
  • Routing software
  • Fleet management systems
  • In-dash cameras
  • Electronic logging devices (ELD)
  • Autonomous trucks

And many more that could be added to the list.

It is to no surprise that many of these applications has made life easier as a driver and as a fleet owner. That is why I’m inclined to ease towards the future of innovation.

A few benefits include:

  • Fuel economy
  • Safety compliance
  • Load visibility
  • Maintenance management

Whatever software or hardware you choose, ensure it’s something that benefits your company for long term growth. Because, what’s the sense in spending your hard earned income towards a feeble system that cannot improve your ROI over a sustained period of time?

I hope I was able to shed a little light on technology and how it could be beneficial to your bottom line and productivity.

Keep Trucking and Own the Day!

One thought on “Technology, Fad or Trend?

  1. This guy is going to be very successful! Keep up the good work, for I know that you will be the next Mark Zuckerburg, because you are taking your time in creating such a wonderful company that will be greatly appreciated.

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