Accountability as the foundation

Accountability is a word we don’t hear often.

We cringe when our spouse or boss even vaguely speaks on it.

Why is that?

Maybe because we know what we have to do, and when we should do it.

We’ve made it this far in life without being accountable to someone else. Why start now?

The bigger picture

For the majority it may come off as controlling or as a hierarchal type of structure.

What we fail to realize is, accountability is here to help us achieve more.

Our children hold us accountable to provide food, shelter, and clothing for them. Our pets hold us accountable to vaccinate, feed and walk them.

Our customers and clients even hold us accountable to provide the superior service we promised them.

Find a friend

To be proactive find someone you trust to hold you to that higher standard and thank them for helping you become a more effective person.

Make it specific.

Make it a priority.

Make it visible. (Can you see the progress?)

And for the toughest part of all, you have to be open to accept criticism if you fall behind schedule.

Don’t snap on the person who tells you to pick up the pace.

Remember, you asked them to help you and they were willing to assist in your growth. It’s comes from a good place.

This will make a more efficient and productive you for years to come.

Back to business

Which brings me to the milestones in our business.

We have a plethora of projects, tasks, and fires to put out. Find an online application that’s able to allow the management of those in an easier way.

For starters, research project management software and you’ll become more accountable your tasks, projects and team.

I personally use Wrike and love the functionality of the software.

Being accountable engenders efficiency and effectiveness.

Be accountable and own the Day!