Own it and Divorce it

The idea behind accepting things as true and letting go to avoid stress

Stop holding onto things that no longer have relevance in your life.

The situation occurred, caused grief and took the little fight you had out of you. Don’t allow it to reoccupy your mind as if it just happened.

In high school, I remember overhearing my head football coach, Coach Holt, tell my defensive back coach that he liked my tenacity because if I was scored on I would go back on the field and play like nothing ever happened. I guess I had that mindset then and didn’t realize it.

Don’t allow things to fester in your mind and hold you captive.

Clear your mind

That’s how we must go about our personal lives and business lives.

If we didn’t close that deal, we didn’t close that deal.

Yes, we’ll evaluate the process and improve, but we cannot allow that to stagnate our future motivation which can become pernicious to future growth.

If our driver was late, then the driver was late.

Don’t get me wrong. That’s a problem that can ultimately affect our performance.

Unfortunately, all we can do now is apologize to our client, accept responsibility and reassure them that we’re working on resolving the issue.

Use Empathy

How would you feel if you made a blunder and your boss/supervisor condemned you perpetually?

Pretty agitated, I’m sure.

Empathy must be our pilot when dealing with family, team members, coworkers, partners and vendors.

The Study

Studies have revealed that we as humans tend to remember the bad over the good.

Here’s a report by WebMD

Researchers say studies using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) have shown negative events stimulate activity in emotion-processing regions of the brain, such as the orbitofrontal cortex and the amygdala.

The more these emotional centers are activated by an event, the more likely an individual is to remember specific details linked to the emotional aspect of the event, like the appearance of the gun, and perhaps less likely to remember more mundane details like a street address.

Researchers say this technique of preserving bad memories may have evolved as an evolutionary tactic to protect against future life-threatening or negative events.

We’re up against a good fight already so let’s change our pattern.

Release the stress and own the Day!

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