Creating a High Performance Environment

The new IPhone 11 Pro has 4K video at 60 fps equipped with an A13 Bionic chip for faster processing.

The Bugatti Chiron clocks in at 2.3 seconds in 0-60mph.

Which are great examples of high performance.

Organizational culture encompasses values and behaviors that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of a business.


Be the best!

We want the best. We expect the best. We buy the best.

Then why do we settle for subpar performance in our company’s conventions?

A bad culture is deleterious.

We’ve created a company with high performance missions, strategies and tactics, yet we adopt a low performance culture which is not congruent or effective.

Everything must be harmonious to allow for the vision to come into fruition.

What is it?

  • Is it our systems?
  • Is it our sales process?
  • Is it our team members?

No! It’s Us!

Passion lives in us!

We started our company with so much passion, energy and excitement until one day the fuse extinguished and years later we’re just now noticing it.

You haven’t paid attention to your turnover rate, you’ve ignored employee happiness and somehow the number one gossiper of the company is still broadcasting rumors about everyone.

It’s not necessarily a leadership problem.

You’re just too focused on the external factors such as the bottom line. Do me a favor and get back to that internal focal point you once had.

Fix your culture. Fix it fast. Fix it right.

The last thing you need is irreparable damage to your reputation. And we all know in the times of social media, a disgruntled ex-employee will tell everyone they know or just met how bad your company is. Assuredly, it will spread faster than a wildfire.

Start from the beginning

Hire internally or look into recruiting a high performance coordinator whose sole purpose is to create a positive work environment by supporting the people who made your dream possible.

You can create your own position agreement or email me at for a free template that I customized. It covers strategic and tactical work along with position specific and company wide standards.

It’s the first step to getting your team back to happiness and productivity.

Remember, people make companies. Companies don’t make people.

Kick start your high performance environment and own the Day!