Do You Show Your Appreciation?

It’s the end of the week.

People are beat.

Customer satisfaction is at an astonishing 100%.

Your professional drivers covered 1,000s of miles of pavement for the company. Encountered a few upset drivers who had no place to go, but had to get there fast.

That’s just one week out of fifty-two.

That has to mean something, right?

It’s That Time

Time to make showing your appreciation a ritual.

People want to know they make a difference.

A recognition and rewards company, surveyed 2,363 office workers and found that, for those who feel appreciated, a whopping 89% feel satisfied in their jobs. That number drops to only 51% for those who said they don’t feel appreciated.
In the same control group, 85% of the “appreciated” employees also said they were satisfied with life while 61% of the under-appreciated employees were not happy with life in general. The data creates a stark contrast in other areas as well, revealing that those who feel appreciated tend to be less stressed, have a better sense of belonging, and feel like they have better control over their life.

O.C Tanner

With that being said, put down the phone, order some nice takeout and surprise your team with a nice meal and an extra 30 minutes of paid lunch.

A little goes a long way.

Show you care and own the Day!