Two Perceptions of time

Time is everlasting and joyous, yet to some it feels as if it’s a constraint.

What’s your perception of time?

Do you see time as a stopwatch or a timer?

Both views require different approaches in life.

The stopwatch view

To the folks who see time as a stopwatch, life is continuous.

The numbers run and never stop unless you stop it. I call it “The count up”.

Tasks are handled in quite a different way.

At least for me, I don’t accomplish my goals in a timely manner. I postpone important assignments frequently. Simply put, I don’t get the job done.

The logic behind this view is that I have all the time in the world.

This is not the best approach for an entrepreneurial business owner who’s livelihood thrives on the menial day to day tasks.

The sense of accomplish comes from the next checkmark on the todo list.

The timer’s view

To the folks who see time as a timer, life is running out.

The timer is ticking and the hours are coming to an end. “The countdown”.

Jobs are completed within a specified amount of time to ensure its completion.

This view allows me to have a streamlined focus on the project at hand.

I work diligently to accomplish it with efficiency in its entirety.

I feel this is the optimal approach for entrepreneurs that have so much on their plate.

In conclusion

In what way do you see time?

This is not a dichotomy approach. Every viewpoint can fluctuate between the two.

Different views yield incongruent outcomes and that’s fine.

Please leave a comment and let me know how you see things.

Change your perception of time and own the Day!

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