A Problem is an Opportunity

To find a solution to a problem you must get in front of the issue to change the course.

That takes discipline and resilience.

Honesty is a must

A poster stressing honesty

You must be honest with yourself and the situation.

Some questions you should ask yourself before delving into the process and wasting time are:

  • Is the issue possible to reconcile or has it passed and there’s nothing else to do?
  • Is it something you can do alone or do you need to delegate the task?
  • How will you take action to improve quality?
  • Do you have checks and verification systems in place?

If you’re going to agitate the process it may be better to just let it pass.

Build your Super Team

If you have the funds hire someone who has the right attitude to accomplish the task.

As you may noticed, I said attitude, not skill.

Attitude goes way further than skill in the long run. People who have the proper mindset will work harder, attract more likeminded people and grow your business into the super franchise you’re aiming for.

About 46% of the people about to be hired will fail within the first 18 months on the job. And they won’t fail for lack of skills but rather for lack of attitude. So a study by Mark Murphy, CEO of Leadership IQ, has discovered in research on 20,000 new hires over a three-year period.

Mark Murphy

We all have strengths and weaknesses and that’s quite alright.

Having people on your team that have similar strengths makes the company unbalanced.

Find different attitudes and strengths to create a well-balanced enterprise.

Lead with Values

Our values at Ameriton Freight are professional, empathy, reliability, care and honesty.

We feel as though values assist with the direction of companies and helps to solve problems that once felt daunting.

Find a solution and own the Day!

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