Emotion over Logic

Part of being a great business owner and leader means caring for people who work for you.

When is too much emotion detrimental to your company?

There are business owners who allow their employees to get away with things that directly and indirectly effect the bottom line.

Some examples are:

  • 1 hour lunches with 30 mins deducted
  • Delegating tasks too untrained peers
  • Tardiness and no shows
  • Multiple stops on routes not job related

Those are just a few. I could take up this entire article with a list of items that cost us as owners an excessive amount of wasted time and money.

So, when is the right time to incorporate more logic into the processes?

Right now!

The longer you take to make necessary changes the longer your business is in a nosedive.

I think a better question is, how? Below are six steps to a more productive environment.

Steps to change

  1. Hire a supervisor
  2. Increase lunch to an hour
  3. Document the new rules and have them sign it
  4. Meet with your team about the new changes
  5. Add GPS to your vehicles
  6. Start to change the culture with reminders

A daunting task

Remember, this requires an abundance of work and constant reminders and feedback to change, especially if your staff has been performing at this level for a long period of time.

That’s one of the reasons I used numbers in the list. Try one at a time until you get your company back to full efficiency.

Take your company back

You’ve invested all of your savings and sanity into purchasing a truck, trailer, insurance and an office. Make sure you can sustain the business with proper processes and productive employees.

Your employees may not realize they’re doing anything wrong. It’s all on you as a leader to be held accountable for the things that happen in your business.

Use a proper mix of logic and emotions and own the Day!