Communication course setting

With so much competition for business in the supply chain of distribution it’s hard to wonder why every carrier hasn’t adopted communication as their main asset when doing business with shippers.

Today, we touch on why communication is essential in everyday business activities.

Essentially we have to communicate to get things done. Rather that be verbal or non-verbal.

Forms of communication:

  • Spoken
  • Gestures
  • Signs
  • Written

What should you know?

One or multiple ways are required to relay messages among each other.

Think about a time when you needed to know something and couldn’t get the necessary information in time. Pretty frustrating, right?

It’s up to us as leaders to make sure we communicate in a clear concise and timely manner.

Effects of communication

  • Decreases errors
  • Helps increase productivity
  • Builds trust
  • Forms bonds inside the company

Decrease errors

When running a business with so many systems and processes it’s easy to make errors if everyone is not on the same page.

Helps increase productivity

Productivity is a must in any organization. With communication it’s easier to increase the output while decreasing the input which saves people energy thus resulting in greater efficiency.

Builds trust

Who wants to do business or work somewhere where they cannot trust the person sitting next to them? No one. Trust is incumbent in your organization.

Forms bonds inside company

What better culture to have than an environment where there’s not only trust, but strong bonds with a family like atmosphere.

This may not seem like much to you at first, but it’s everything. I suggest quantifying everything you can to show ROI increases with something as simple as communication.

Set the course for communication and the own the Day!